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Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore

The author of many books about tarot, oracles, and magic, Barbara has studied, practiced, taught, and played with tarot for nearly twenty years–and is still enchanted and fascinated.

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Twitter: barbaramoore

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  1. diane steinberg said,

    hi barbara…i’ve finally found a way to connect with you! frequently i use the free
    three card spread on llewellyns website using the sacred circle tarot deck. iwas wanting to purchase the set and decided to phone llewellyn to be sure the interpretations were in the book. i was informed that you are the writer of the interpretations and no, they are not in the book!…..they are so meaningful to me. is there anyway i can get them from you? obviously i will pay for them…..please make my dream come true….with deepest respect and heartfelt love….diane

    • barbaramoorebooks said,

      Hi Diane,

      I’m glad you have found the interpretations so useful! I am really sorry that I cannot help you…I would if I could. Those interpretations were written years ago by me, it’s true, however, because I wrote them as an employee of Llewellyn, they own the rights to them. I don’t even have an electronic copy (or hard copy) that I could pass on. Perhaps you could write to customerservice@llewellyn.com and see if they have any ideas or solutions.

      Shine brightly,

  2. Prudence said,

    Hi Barbara – Hope you are well. Would like to talk to you about books on tape. I’m a professionally trained Voice Over actor (as well as reading the tarot for the past 15 years).
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

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